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Experience of Scotland in India(Coorg)

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Its 4 months in Bangalore now. Bored of sitting idle in office with no work, visiting shopping malls, MG road etc. Fed up travelling in the crowded city with trafficCoorg Valleys and the daily routine of coming to office.Needed a break from the monotonous routine. So finally made a plan to visit Coorg – the Scotland of India. Till the last moment the trip was not confirmed due to some stupid reasons. Finally when my friend called me that they were coming to pick me up, there was a sense of relief and excitement.

We,in a group of 9 friends,Abby Falls left for Coorg early morning at 2:00 am enjoying the cold weather with our tempotraveller speeding on the dark, lonely roads of Bangalore. It seemed our driver was also visiting Coorg for the first time like us. With the help of the direction boards on the way and travelling some extra kilometers because of taking wrong roads, we reached Madikeri at 9:00am. Ideally it should have taken 5 hours. But whenever I have travelled, I haven’t reached anywhere around the estimated time. Even my last trip which was to Goa had some similar incident.Getting real-time directions to our hotel on mobile from our hotel owner, we reached there finally passing through the narrow roads around the valley.

After getting freshened up and with half-full stomachs, we headed straight to Abby Falls,which was around 8kms from madikeri town.The route to the falls itself was joy-ride as the road was very narrow with lots of turns and twists. There is a suspension bridge across the river for a nice view of the falls.The water drops at an enormous speed with a gushing sound creating a spray of moisture-like mist. But sadly we were not allowed to go near the falls to enjoy in the falling waters. We sped back to the town to have a nice lunch.

In the evening we left for Raja’s seat to have a nice view of the sunset behind the cloudy mountains. The Raja’s seat is the best place to sit in the evening and see the beautifParshuram, 2 yr old elephant in Dubare Campul valley. After the sun has set, and it becomes dark,the electric bulbs in the houses in the valley starts twinkling with the stars adding beauty to the dark night in the valley.The musical fountain starts dancing on some nice Kannada songs except for one Hindi song “Babuji jaraa dheere chalo (remix)” but starting with the national anthem . For people who want to enjoy a train ride, there is a toy train also near the Raja’s seat. Before reaching Raja’s seat, we went to a fort which was now used as govt. office and even has a jail.The fort also has a museum but the fort is not maintained.Nothing much to see there.

The next day journey started early morning. The roads were surrounded with the coffee estates. The weather was chilling with little fog. We started for the Dubare elephant Camp at 8:30am. Travelling through the winding roads, stopping on the way to have a nice coffee and getting a feel of cool, gentle breeze while enjoying the scenery and then crossing the Kaveri riverTree Huts in Cauvery NisargDham by a motorboat,we reached on time when elephants were bathing in the river. You can watch them having their breakfast when they are fed by the mahouts. The youngest elephant, Parshuram, 2yrs old was enjoying the cheering by the crowd and was acknowledging by saluting with his trunk. The elephants with their full stomachs were now ready to give you a ride in the forest. But we didn’t have the patience to be in the queue for the ride and so we opted to play in the waters of River Kaveri.

We then headed to Harangi Dam after having a nice, steeming upama in the KSRTC restaurant. But as we approached the dam, couldn’t see any water flowing and clearing our doubts the security guard tells us that the dam has been closed 10 months ago. So in despair we roamed aroundSunset behind the cloudy mountains for sometime, had naariyal paani and headed to our next destination. We visited Cauveri NisargDham which is an ecological park on an island in River Kaveri with rabbits, deer and elephant. You can also see tree huts here.

Now we all were extremely hungry. In search of a nice restaurant we headed towards KushalNagar. Before coming on this trip, we had done some research and had found lot of good things about Atithi restaurant. Entering we saw people enjoying their food on pattal of banana leaves. That seemed so exciting we also sat to have a nice rice-saambharrasampapad-curd combination with some vegetables ending with a paysam as dessert. It was super-duper delicious that we were all extra-full and now was in a mood to sleep.

We were very late so we had to drop the idea of visiting the Tibetan monastery. We regret missing some nice places like TalaCauveri, Bhagmandala, Nagarhole National Park, Iruppu Falls and the monastery. On way to Bangalore, our driver suggested us to visit the Brindavan Garden in Mysore.We visited the place but we were too sleepy and tired to enjoy the beauty of the place.
Though you can visit Coorg for sight-seeing but it seemed to be the best place for trekking and other adventure sports and ofcourse to spend a nice holiday away from the busy city life.


Written by Priyanka Varma

November 23, 2007 at 12:46 pm

Posted in Coorg, India, travel

6 Responses

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  1. Priyanka,

    Without visiting Coorg I have already taken a virtual trip through your writing. The detail was so clear, pictury and lively that one can get a feel of the palace.

    I am planning for a trip to Coorg on April. So gathering information. Definitely, I shall visit these places your team made a trip.

    Appreciate your reply with your contact mail/phone number, so that I can get more detail from you before I approach for Coorg with my family.

    Keep up the good writing.

    Happy Living


    March 4, 2008 at 11:43 am

  2. Coorg is very beautiful. Try to attend any coorgi marriage…its an experience by itself.

    Thejesh GN

    October 9, 2008 at 7:21 pm

  3. @thej surely will love to experience that if i get a chance


    October 9, 2008 at 7:25 pm

  4. Hi Priyanka,

    I think the Scotland of the East is Shillong and not Coorg. But yeah, Coorg is very beautiful.

    Just thought I should tell you…


    November 26, 2008 at 7:03 am

  5. good place


    April 9, 2009 at 7:55 am

  6. Lovely! been there 5 times and still planning to go…

    L Iyer

    September 20, 2010 at 9:25 pm

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