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Your views on Decriminalisation of prostitution?

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Was watching We The People, a show by Barkha Dutt where some burning issues are discussed with a panel of people from different walks of life, on NDTV. The topic for the discussion today was Decriminalisation of Prostitution.  Before hearing the arguments of the people, I was against the decriminalisation of prostitution. I very obviously took prostitution as crime. I was and am of the view that legalising activity like this will encourage people to indulge in more of these activities.

But seeing this show where some famous advocates, general public and even some prostitutes were present to give their opinion, made me a little confused to take onto one stand.  Through this show I became aware of some of the realities of people in this business like how they are being exploited by the police, customers etc and that some of the people very willingly want to be in this profession as its easy to make money here. It is simply impossible to distinguish between
the people willingly into the business of prostitution and those who are trafficked against  their wishes.

Prostitutes present in the show were of the say that they were getting more money in this business than any other professions. One of them had left their salesgirl jobs of 5000 INR to be into this business where they would get 5 times more money.

But they were very much disturbed on the fact that they were harassed by the policemen and  the society didn’t look upon them with dignity. Can’t blame the society also for this. From ages, we have been looking this as a very immoral profession. Some of the debators were of the opinion that passing  this bill would be boon for them as it will allow them to live a nuances-free life where they would not be exploited by the customers and police.

But some had the stand that it would encourage the expansion of this business. I think there should be a serious debate in the parliament without any politics on this before they pass this . I strongly believe that if this bill gets passed most of us would not be happy if someone opens a brothel in front of our house. Even legalising it would not change the mind of society. I think that  instead of legalising it, we should think of solutions where they are prohibited to enter into this business.

Yup its very easy  to say that we should think of alternative solutions. Would like to know the opinion of the readers of this post on this issue. Want to know what is the janta’s views on this or is there any alternative solution to stop people from getting into this profession.


Written by Priyanka Varma

February 25, 2008 at 6:59 pm

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4 Responses

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  1. I disagree that “From ages, we have been looking this as a very immoral profession”. Long back this same society had a concept of Nagarvadhu (( , who was respected and was in fact a prized position.

    I understand at the first thought we tend to think that these women are doing an immoral act of cohabiting with an unknown person but heres where I think they are helping the society more than the mofo police. We hear of so many rape and molestation cases, have you ever heard about a case which was prevented because of timely action or a strong action by police on such a crime? I haven’t.

    I believe these prostitutes are the very reason our womenfolk can walk freely on the roads. These prostitutes keep the society clean and they deserve due respect for that. So yes I believe it should be made legal. As far as the fact that some are forced to do such thing is concerned, I think that ought to be dealt with, just as any other forced or bonded labor is dealt with.


    February 29, 2008 at 12:07 pm

  2. This is very long lasting debate and there will be argument and counter argument on this topics. Both the sides have their own justified views but the point raised by Priyanka that after making it legal this profession will spread beyond some segregated Red-Light areas of our cities creating a challenge for our society. But this is also true that this can provide some protection to the workers of this trade from the harassment by police. When we talk about making this profession legal we don’t mean that they will be allowed to operate just like our neighborhood grocery shop. There will be proper legal structure defined and there will be checks and balances. The point is who is going to observe that these checks and balances are respected.


    March 12, 2008 at 11:04 am

  3. I guess its a political as well as social dillemma regarding prostitution.Since there are two things prostitution for itself and the other being the social evils of coercon,violence,drugs,exploitation,disease which inadvertently get associated with it.There have been differnt approaches by number of countries to this problem which would be interesting to note and take lessons .First to take note is that of Dutch who have made buying and selling sex a freely underaken transaction in which state is only involved as regulator.But even this liberal approach has failed to contain the exploitation of women and control of organised crime as has been reported.Another example is of Sweden which penalises people patronising prostitutes while treates people who sell their bodies as victims.But as per some critics this has resulted in much more dangerous conditions for those who are involved in the trade secretly and possibly exporting of this business to neighboouring countries.This approach has found followers in UK,Italy.Another more liberal approach than Dutch has been of New Zealand which has also decrimninalised the trade by making individuals to fend for themslves and free from brothels and even making the money thus earned tax free.Thus making the individuals involved more free, independent and away from a more brothel keepers.

    Devidutt Mishra

    March 14, 2009 at 10:05 am

  4. Who are we kidding, first we have to acknowledge the fact that prostitution can’t be eliminated from society. Is there a record of a time or place when it wasn’t there? But this doesn’t mean we should encourage it, we have to view it keeping morality and guilt alone. What is it that is bad in it and who gets affected by it? is a question we should pose time and again to view our solution.

    We need not only laws but change in society’s outlook because in India law and its implementation have a yawning gap between them.


    June 20, 2009 at 6:53 am

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