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TypeRacing at SRMAB

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It was a regular Saturday morning Computer Class at Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind(SRMAB) with Vaibhav (Bangalore Chapter Head, Pankhudi), Deeptangan and me betting for the winners of the Typing Competition to be held in the evening.  We, including the students were quite excited about the event. (For more detail on the excitement in the volunteers read here)

Clock struck 4 and 18 participants of the event entered the class with full josh. But there was no electricity but the kids in full hope waited for the power to come back. As soon as the electricity came, kids started their PCs tapping the keyboards loudly in excitement.

Srikanth Dictating the Story

The kids were divided into two groups. After everything was set, Ram dictated the story to one group and Srikanth to the other group.  It was fun seeing the kids asking Srikanth to repeat the sentences again and again and Srikanth handling them very patiently except for once or twice. 🙂

Harsha, Muni, Chumbita and Shirisha – All were very busy typing on the computer and listening simultaneously to the JAWS(software) and Srikanth. While  one of the kids RaviKiran was busy cursing the dictator aka Srikanth asking him to be slow Kids Busy Typing and Pooja sitting still and started crying because she couldn’t catch up with the typing.  Others were also quite busy in the typing. Ram was busy in the other room dictating the story to the other group of students.

Finally at 5, the competition was over. Evaluation was done and as per the betting done by Vaibhav Sir, Harsha with Sheila came first.  We still suspect Vaibhav for doing some match-fixing (read typing-fixing).  Jokes apart, but the winners were really the deserved ones for the perfection in their typing. Cheers also to the Pankhudi Volunteers for teaching them and bringing them to this level!!!!

In all, it was a busy and a fun-filled Saturday with both the kids and the volunteers enjoying it fully. Also, to add to the fun was the birthday celebration of Joseph Sir. We will be having more events for the kids in future as its both fun and learning for them. So, Pankhudi volunteers be ready to contribute funds for more of these events and if anyone of the readers are also interested in contributing or being a Pankhudi Volunteer can contact Chapter Head, Pankhudi Bangalore)

Keep watching the blog for more of those events.

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Refer my last post to know more about SRMAB.


Written by Priyanka Varma

July 1, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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  1. Madam there is something called experience.. it comes with time :). My bet was an outcome of that !

    Vaibhav Choudhary

    July 1, 2009 at 5:39 pm

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