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Gulmohar – My Window Curtains

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This beautiful view is from my room. Come April-May and this tree is full of these bright red flowers and new green leaves. Just looking at these beautiful trees and flowers can bring lot of happiness to your heart. The morning breeze which nudges us to wake up and enjoy is cool because of this tree. And for last two years that we have spent at this house we have seen a family of White Cheeked Barbet grow up in this tree with lot of squirrels.

The wonderful tree has been a home for this White Cheeked Barbet. Every time she is going to give birth to her babies, she cleans the nest in the trunk of this tree. Thanks to this tree that we have been able to observe the mother Barbet raising up her family.


 The Baby Barbet Photo Courtesy: Sushil Katre

Thanks to the standing tree for making my windows look beautiful and for the cool breeze and the beautiful birds we get to watch. The gloomy days become happy with just a look at this beautiful tree. You have been a colourful blessings for the streets of the city.


Written by Priyanka Varma

May 16, 2014 at 9:20 am

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