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A Journey

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Life is a journey and this journey is important. Sometimes the destination seems to be at just 100 meters ahead but then a narrow hidden lane might take you away from the destination. This narrow lane might be topsy turvy with bumps and manholes. You might get jerks and you might fall down. But at the end of the lane you will remember and enjoy the experiences you had in this lane rather than the smooth ride on a flat road.

Last one year has been a memorable journey for us. There has been a lot of learning through this undulating ride. Everything has a purpose.

All the events and moments which are happening to us has a purpose. So live it and experience the happiness, pains and the sorrows. I have learnt that we should live through the challenges and not try to avoid it. Through these challenges we learn and through these learning we evolve. We move ahead and not be stagnant in life. The diagnosis of the autoimmune type 1 diabetes has been a boon for me and for people around me. Because of it I could learn to listen to my body, I could learn about the importance of natural living, natural food and getting closer to nature. I feel a sense of satisfaction when I hear from people around me that we have influenced them towards a healthy living.

My journey still has some bumps ahead. I have been taking care of my mother for last 3 months. She has psychiatric health issues. Because of her health issues I am learning about the different aspects of life. We took this challenge of healing her without any of those anti psychotic drugs. I am coming across lot of alternative healing techniques. I am learning to be patient. I never had understood her mental health and now I am getting to understand how she is going through. Though there are moments when I feel frustrated and sad but when I think about the time when she would be fully fine, all those frustration vanishes.

I am jotting down this today as we could feel a good amount of improvement in her. One of our friend recently shared about enjoying those small happy moments in your life rather than waiting for something big to happen. A positive change in her mind and body is one of those small happy moments for us. I thank all those who has been a part of my journey for last few months. Looking forward to more of those small happy moments. We would not have been able to take this ride alone. Thanks to our friends, the pioneers in alternative and natural healing, and my family and extended family in Bangalore. 🙂


Written by Priyanka Varma

October 30, 2014 at 6:02 am

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