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A Walk down the Memory lane

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Was taking a walView of the place at nightk yesterday night after a long time around the college campus. Though it was a solitary walk enjoyed it recollecting all the beautiful memories of the past four years of college. Sorry but this post is not to bore with you all those nostalgic talks. May be that I can do in my next post.

Walking around the campus in the night had become a part of the daily routine till last summer with my friend. Remembering those moments really makes me nostalgic when we used to do all types of bakar sitting on one of the S-shaped seats besides the road. We talked everything sitting here – from sharing funny incidents, serious talks to discussing projects. I have developed a strong emotional attachment for this place – whenever i used to feel lonely or had a fight with my friend, I used to come and sit on this place.View of the place during day

Sitting there after a long time yesterday, I walked down the memory lane – such sweet memories , felt like its been years to those moments. It’s so funny how some non-living things can trigger images, thoughts, emotions. I can close my eyes right now and find myself one year down the lane again sitting with my friend and chatting. Will really miss this special place after I leave this college.

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Written by Priyanka Varma

April 3, 2007 at 5:50 pm

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