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New Connections on Orkut

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Logged into my orkut account after returning back from 5-day trip to Goa. And what I see on my homepage is 9 friend requests and none of the requester looks familiar to me. No doubt orkut has made life easier by helping us find old school and college friends but the annoying aspect of orkut is getting friend requests from strangers. Especially women are bugged by these friend requests from the romeos of the cyber world. Don’t know if the same happens with the guys. All those guys out there do tell if you are also flooded with friend requests from the juliets on orkut.


The above picture is my orkut homepage where I have 9 new friend requests(all males) from people I don’t know. I am not open to making friends on internet so all these friend requests would be denied by clicking ”no”.

Apart from the friend requests the scrapbook and the message inbox is flooded with messages from anonymous like –

“wanna have friendship with me” – The simplest friendship message

” hi i dont have any chat friend or girl friend……can we?????????” – This message gives an impression as if orkut is a dating site.

“hi girls,well i am a goan guy, aged 23 workin abroad. i am a simple and down hearted guy. i am tall, medium complexion and a very honest man. i am looking for my life partner. If any girl is interested in me, kindly message me on orkut or leave your telephone no. thanks alot “.

– This message was sent to the members of a girls’ college community. Ever thought that orkut would play a matchmaking role in India. May be time will come when it would leave behind all those matrimonial sites like and who claims to be no.1 matrimony in India. Infact I think orkut would be more effective than these matrimonial sites as the bride/groom can find all the details about the prospective groom/bride from their profile and not to forget the testimonials. So all the guys and gals out there getting ready for their marriage, make your profile look good and impressive and bribe your friends to write a perfect testimonial for you before the person looking for you hits on your orkut profile.

Orkut recently entered its third year. It has become one of the most favourite timepass leaving behind Yahoo messenger and other chat services. Orkut is addictive and I am also a victim of it. All is fine with orkut till you are able to stay in touch with your friends but becomes irritating when you receive friend request and messages from Anonymous especially if you are not in favor of making internet friends.

Orkut is a great social networking site but like everything comes with its disadvantages, same is true with orkut. I have never come across any guy in the similar situation. All guys there on orkut let us know if your scrapbooks and inbox also gets loaded with friend requests from anonymous gals.


Written by Priyanka Varma

March 7, 2007 at 10:32 am