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Fun Day @ WonderLa

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It was just a normal Sunday when we were taking weekend computer classes for the kids at Anatha Shishu Sevashram. And  the kids told that they have a short vacation after their exams. One of us just asked them if they would like to go out somewhere for one day. And they all were too excited and happy to just hear that.  Seeing their happiness on just the thought of going out, we talked to Saraswathi madam(caretaker of the orphanage). She was also very happy and suggested us to take them to WonderLa as they had never been there because the orphanage could not afford it. The kids were very happy when we mentioned them about WonderLa. Without thinking anything whether how we will get the funds, we promised them that we would take them  to WonderLa.  We had just four days to arrange for the funds and transportation. We were very much worried whether we would be able to fulfill the promise we had made to the kids. But then we were determined that in any case, we will try our best.

First we had thought that we would not take the smaller kids but then we didn’t feel like to devoid them of fun. So, in total it was 52 kids.  And its truly said “Where  there is a will, there is a way” . First of all, we got a 60% discount from WonderLa. But still it was a large amount. We mailed to our friends, office colleagues and in 3 days we could collect sufficient amount. Thanks to all of you who helped us in this.

Finally the D-day came. On 25th Dec at 8 am all kids were ready after their breakfast waiting for the bus with smiling and laughing faces. 13 of us(volunteers) were there to take care of the kids. Singing and dancing we reached our destination. It was Christmas day and there was special event happening outside – Santa Claus meeting the kids,  singing, dancing and clapping on the drum beats.

At 11am we entered inside the WonderLa. The kids were happy meeting the Santa, handshaking with them. As it was a large group of kids we had to divide them into groups with one volunteer with them. We realized that there was no use of dividing the elder kids in groups as they were already running here and there. So we took the younger kids in smaller groups. But there is a great bonding among the kids themselves that they took care of each other. It was little difficult to manage the younger kids but we enjoyed with them – instructing them, scolding them and also making them stop crying after the rides. Few of the kids cried on the rides but still didn’t want to miss the fun and took the other rides though they were scared. And few were not at all scared.

At the end of the day, all the kids were very much happy and were quite reluctant to go back.  But the joy and happiness on their faces really made our day.  When we went back for the classes this Sunday, they told that the trip was super and “chennagidde“(Kannada word for super) and that they enjoyed a lot. Thanks to all of you who helped us in making this possible.

Enjoy the pics :


Written by Priyanka Varma

December 28, 2009 at 6:29 pm

Pankhudi Sahayata: Collection Drive – Full Swing, Help needed !!!

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Did you know that there are some underprivileged and unfortunate kids living around us who can’t afford the basic things for their living? Well, don’t just sit there, do something about it! Help us in our collection drive.

~Pankhudi — A family of many in the service of underprivileged and unfortunate children of our society. Working for the cause, care of the slum, disabled and orphaned or uncared children to improve the quality of their childhood is our prime motto. Pankhudi is spread over Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad.

Pankhudi Bangalore is involved in lots of activities like ~DivyaDrishti – Education for visually-impaired children,~Sahayata – Pankhudi Collection Drives. The Bangalore chapter has recently involved itself with a new activity (Computer Education) at an orphanage “Anatha Shishu Sevashram” at Wilson Garden Bangalore. The orphanage accommodates around 60 kids (both boys and girls) aged from 5 to 25 years old.

The need of having a collection drive was felt after the visit to the orphanage. The Bangalore chapter has started a collection drive on 5th July and will be collecting items around the city till 19th July 2009. On Sunday, July 19 the chapter will deliver all of the collected items at the orphanage. Everyone is invited to make a donation. See around in your wardrobes – It may be wastage for you but a resource for others.

For all those who can contribute in the collection drive, following are the items you can donate:

1. Highest Priority Requirement – Sweaters and Blankets.

2. Important requirements – Cloths (any size will work, if its kid size – simply awesome), toys, sports item (cricket bat, badminton, chess), electronic item (like torch, radio).

3. Any other item which you think will be useful for the kids

You don’t want to do this alone so recruit anyone and everyone to help you out. It would be great if you can spread the word among your family, friends.

Don’t worry if you are having trouble in delivering the collected items. If you get a good collection and because of “any” reason you are unable to collect it. Let us know the place or address here: .

We will be there to collect it from the specified place. However if possible we suggest you can also come over in person and also get a firsthand look at how your donations are put to use.

Pankhudi Contact Details:
Vaibhav: 98867 96985
Lipika: 99456 00788

Anatha Shishu Sevashram
#14, 2nd Cross
Wilson Garden,
Landmark: Opposite Hindustan Marbel & Granites
Phone: 080-22236892
Mobile: 9845695924

Written by Priyanka Varma

July 15, 2009 at 5:35 am

Love into Action

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Staying around 2500kms away from my parents for the last 6 years, have been used to doing everything on my own without being dependent on my parents. But still I take their opinion in all my decisions, share my happiness and my sorrows with them. I have a conscious feeling always in my mind that there is someone for me , someone who will be always supporting me. Sometimes I feel they could be here with me in my happiness, my sorrows.

But what about those small kids whose parents have died or whose parents have left them alone in this world to lead their life on their own. I cherish my childhood when I think about these kids. I had a happy, free childhood with my parents taking care of me, my education, my health, my needs etc. No worries, No tensions.

Recently I got a chance to go to an orphanage “Anatha Shishu Sevashram” in wilson Garden, Bangalore through Pankhudi. The orphanage is run by an elderly lady Saraswati madam who herself is visually challenged.( She
is the first student of SRMAB where Pankhudi has started their initiative of teaching computer and english course to the kids.) This orphanage houses around 60 kids aged between 5 years to 25 years. The owner of the orphanage takes care of their schooling, food and other needs with the donations she receives from some of the people. We met these kids and they looked so happy playing with each other, dancing. They all had a sweet smile on their face hiding all the hardships they have to face.

The kids here are very much creative. Enter their room and you will see some beautiful paintings on the walls. Paintings of a tiger with all intricate details , Hanuman flying towards the Sun(the expression of the sun in the painting is amazing) – These are few of the paintings there are on their walls.  Some of them are good in dancing. We also got a chance to see their acting skills. Some of them are brilliant actors full of expressions and good dialog-delivery skills.

We hope to give them a better future and so we at Pankhudi Bangalore has decided to organize computer courses and personality development courses. Looking at their creativeness, we have planned to expose them to few of the software tools which may help them in putting down their creative ideas into a presentable way and showcase it to the outside world. Anyone of you out there can give in your ideas how we can help them or are free to help out can contact .

We can’t be their parents but atleast we can try to give the love and support as we have got from our parents. There is no time to just watch and feel sorry but its time to put our “Love for them into Action” .

Written by Priyanka Varma

July 9, 2009 at 6:00 am