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Clicks in Hebbal Lake

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Another weekend early morning and I was off to Hebbal Lake, around 30kms from my house with two other friend photographers. After getting the camera atleast I am able to experience the early morning beauty, the fresh cool breeze and the silent roads. Moving through the Lalbagh, K R market, VidhanSoudha we reached the Hebbal lake and there was an awesome greenery there. Around the lake there is a park which is open for visitors for free till 9:30 am.

There we enter the park and could see the birds flying over the lake. That was a scenic beauty to be captured. The water, the sky, the forest around, the birds, the overcast clouds and all this makes a perfect scenic picture in the light of the early dawn. Tried capturing all this into one shot with different exposures to finally get a perfect shot.

Spending some time around the lake capturing the clouds and the water moved towards the park around. The park had beautiful flowers, trees and insects. As soon as I see flowers, I feel like taking the macro shots of them. If you are not into photography,  Macro shot is the shot where you take the closeup picture focusing sharply on a small area. Took macro shots of the different flowers. While capturing the flowers, found some beautiful insects on the leaves. Its because of the camera that I am bound to say they were beautiful insects. Seems my perception has changed because of photography.

There were beautiful sounds of birds chirping. Tried to search the birds. Caught hold of few parakeets, pelicans but they were so far that the lens I had was not able to capture the image. Need those telephoto lens for capturing them. Yeah photographers are never satisfied of their camera lens. They need more and different types of lens once they get bitten by this photography addiction.  Will be back to this place after getting the appropriate lens to capture the glimpse of those birds.

Finally after capturing the beauty we were moving out when a spider-like insect inside a web caught our attention. It was half- hidden and somehow we all struggled to capture it. Suddenly it came out and posed for the shutter bugs for few seconds and went back. And we managed to get few clicks.

Enjoy few pics of Hebbal Lake here . Its a lovely place to spend in the early morning even if you don’t want to capture the beauty in your camera.


Written by Priyanka Varma

June 12, 2010 at 12:01 pm