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Got this DSLR for myself that night(Refer the last post). And couldn’t just wait to try out all the amazing features of my DSLR. But in the secluded room of mine I could just take pics of the fans, table, chair etc. So thought of learning the technicalities of the DSLR before I go to some photogenic places and try my hand at shooting some beautiful pictures. So started experimenting with the physics behind it.

Started with the “Shutter speed”. Tried capturing the pics of moving fan at different shutter speeds and concluded that if I want to capture the freezed fan,the photo should be clicked at a fast shutter speed and if you want a motion click at a slower speed. So, shutter speed is inversely proportional to the duration of light exposure. Mathematics!!!!!!! Yeah we had this chapter on the “how camera works” in physics when we were in school. Now finally after 12 years I understood this. I was so elated on this achievement of mine that I also tried the slowest shutter speed which is denoted as “BULB”. But what is this I can’t hold my camera statically for such a long duration, the camera shakes and the whole pic captured is blur. 😦

Too much of experiment done and feels I have learned something and sleeps off to wake up early morning and capture the sunrise and the flowers at LalBagh. LalBagh seems to be a heavenly place for the photographers. I have visited this place twice before and both the times have accompanied people with the motive of clicking pictures with their DSLR. And now this time it was my turn to disturb their sleep early morning on a Sunday. Reached Lalbagh but to the utter disappointment it was a cloudy day and no sunrise pics. No issues , Lalbagh has so many other beautiful things to be captured.

Walking through the grassy path, the eyes captured the beautiful drops on the green grasses. With the aim of capturing them through the camera, tried few clicks with Macro settings then manual mode and finally could capture one decent photo. Phew, photography is not so easy even after having a nice camera!!! Now was the time to capture the black clouds and the sun peeping from behind the clouds. Tried few clicks for that but not much success.

Finally walked towards the Rose Garden clicking some pics here and there. And in the whole Rose Garden there were just 3 roses. Very much inclined to the “Macro” effect, tried the same here also. Some clicks of the Sunflower and few more flowers I thought that I have clicked lots of pics and that lots of was around 180. But finally when I actually saw the pics there were only 10 which I could say was clicked properly.  Thats only 5% success rate.

Enjoy those 5% pics here and let the amateur photographer here know your comments.


Written by Priyanka Varma

June 8, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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