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The Fast Bangalore

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120 …119..118…117…116…and a motorbike violates the traffic rules and some others too follow him. The pedestrians trying to cross the road back off.Yup I am talking about the traffic in Bangalore. Pedestrians wishing to cross a busy road will wait for the traffic signal to go RED. But the areas like Kathriguppe where theres no cops around to monitor in the morning, these signals do not have much significance. While others wait patiently till the countdown completes, some rule-breakers would speed away saving their precious time. Even the footpaths for the pedestrians are used by the bikes. Now does that mean pedestrians should not have any place on the roads? This is the scene almost everyday morning in Kathriguppe area.

Even the BMTC buses doesn’t seem to have brakes. While crossing the same roads today morning, the signal being red with the timer set as 120, I started to cross the roads when suddenly a BMTC bus drove past me. It was an old lady who pulled me back otherwise it would have been the dreadful day for me today. Now I need to be extra careful while crossing the roads. You never know what will come across you while crossing the roads of Bangalore even when the traffic signals are on.

This already is an accident-prone zone. The traffic situation here is entrusted to the public in the morning. But it seems people will adhere to the rules only when there is someone to monitor them. We do not consider anything as our own responsibility and then curse the system. The traffic in bangalore is growing at a fast pace. We as citizens can atleast follow the rules and prevent accidents and help in the free-flow of the traffic.


Written by Priyanka Varma

December 3, 2007 at 10:01 am

Posted in Bangalore, Traffic

2 Responses

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  1. seems like a sort of subconscious rebellion to me,
    to people who were used to cruise freely on the devegowda – mysore road strech till about 1 year back from, now if u suddenly just come up with 5 red lights on the same strech and ask them to obey the rules……well… you cant expect things to work perfectly…..
    for the people of bangalore (including the bus drivers) its a sudden change (that too caused due to the demography being changed due to intrusion from outside), and i believe its goin to take some time for the aam junta here to be traffic consciouss….

    ps: in no way i am trying to justify rash driving.


    December 3, 2007 at 1:33 pm

  2. @priyanka: want to comment on your post.. but it can wait..

    @Amit: dont quite understand your point.
    “for the people of bangalore (including the bus drivers) its a sudden change (that too caused due to the demography being changed due to intrusion from outside)”
    so you’re saying that these stupid mad bikers see the red light but because they are used to the old system, they do not understand what it is for and thus do not stop ! . Thats, for the lack of a better word, idiotic and stupid and forgive me, so is your logic.

    @priyanka: now back to your post, well i couldn’t agree more about the condition. but as you said everyones life is in danger, someday some high profile kid is going to die or kill people and only then will this issue come to foreground, until then, watch and cross, with your prayers.


    December 10, 2007 at 1:34 pm

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